Review 500

I got sick of staring at NeoFlux on the front page day after day so I decided to write about Apathy Online.

Somehow this site reminds me of, I think it may be the colors. Yes, I’m pretty sure it’s the colors. It seems as if a lot of people use dark gray and black. As this may look good, it really does get kind of old after a while. The layout is unique, except when you click on any links in the left menu you lose the layout and it just takes you … wherever. It’s almost as if they didn’t spend very much time on it, just to get out there and be seen.

The site looks really nice when you first enter it and you read their blog but as you look into it, they’ve got a pay-per-click link on every post. It’s these kinds of things that make a site annoying and I will most likely, not come back. There’s isn’t much intelligence put forth into it, I mean sure it’s a personal site with a daily record or what you did but at least check your spelling. It’ll make things easier for all of us.

I was looking at the pictures, and I swear I think I found Waldo. Wait, thats just the webmaster. I’ll keep looking. I don’t really have any more to say, it’s a small site and there’s not much to write about. apathy online

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