Review 492

Pithy, very pithy.

Weblogs such as this make me cringe in my inadequacy, with my little pathetic weblog carrying only daily life of a mad housewife and beach bum.

Very well written weblog by an astute individual, but not for the easily frustrated or the functional illiterate.

Gritty design that navigates well, with loads of excellent links that flow with the style of “”.

The section titled “High School Search Requests” brought back old school memories best left forgotten for me. That’s why I use an alias on the web.

“But if Suzanne is reading this blog (or anyone else for that matter), there’s an e-mail link at the top right-hand corner of the screen.” gave answer to how to get in touch for the “anyone else” (namely Me, who was reading this blog), but I was afraid he would not only bite, but review MY blog(s), or sic “Tom” on me.

The section entitled “German Language Lessons” had me screaming with laughter at the thought of Ed checking his lower anatomy for “doopups”-ness.

Rant on, Ed! You’ve got a new reader…Dr. Mabuse’s House of Fun

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