Review 475

Recon Web is not at all what I expected it to be. The Flash layout made me smile because not many fourteen year olds have the talent or patience to design in Flash. The only comment I have is on the design, due to the fact that the content that DOES exist is not even worth looking at, or wasting the one fifth of a second it takes to load.

What I saw on this site is so worthless I shouldn’t even waste the time to tell you what I saw, but I do not want others to make the same mistake I did and barge on in because of the “cool name” it has.

The site has no purpose of existence! The blog is updated only every couple of days, and when it is, it is not the kind of blog that you usually see. No exciting events that happened to the author, no descriptions, even a two-paragraph entry!

When I saw the layout, I immediately thought “Wow! He even bothered to add content!” My surprise ended when I realized it consisted of a survey he took, a list of four bands, a guest book that does not function, a list of films he enjoyed but not why, and a “my work” section that is entirely too sad to click on.

Can you see why Recon Web got this rating now? The only thing that is “good” is the Flash design, and even that is not so advanced, or updated. Howard, the owner, only focuses on updating design, which is no good unless you have content to back up design. The only things he blogs about is “What’s in the news.” If someone wanted to know what is in the news, wouldn’t they visit

I must repeat this again. Good design, bad “blog.” (If that’s what you want to call it) Plus the content is so horrible, you might as well pretend it doesn’t exist.Recon Web