Review 471

You’ll really have to go to Aphexion and make your own mind up about the site. Design wise it’s okay, with a nice masthead, but there is a complete lack of links to any archive, or an about section, or anything other than the blog.

The blog. This is what stumped me. It’s difficult to describe without dipping further into the archives (which as I mentioned are absent). I think that it’s a group effort, because I noticed a number of different names attached to each post.

The blogs are completely variable. One or two that I read were quite absorbing tales, whereas some of the others I couldn’t get into, and a few I found completely objectionable.

There is a strong sense of youth culture in effect with this blog. The bloggers all appear to despise high school, and the mention of high school makes their alcohol and drugs fueled antics almost reprehensible. In a way I’m glad I don’t know any of the people involved in the stories, as there is something sad about everything said, even the descriptions of events the group enjoyed.

As I said, I can’t make my mind up about the site. It’s like a split between the excesses of a Hunter S. Thompson affair and the horrors of Requiem for a Dream. Strange.Aphex