Review 453

Mmmm. Toast and tea: even the title sounds good, like greasy breakfasts and a cosy tea on Sunday evenings.

Also Salman Rushdie looks different to how I thought. How do I know this? They have a photo of him somewhere. Already I have been informed and enlightened.

I’m pretty down with the design. The colour’s a bit sickly but it’s competent going on nice.

The title bar reads “ALL YOUR EGG ARE BELONG TO US!” so, y’know, that’s not a good thing. How long ago was that meme? I was still in diapers, I think.

The writings good. Most of all it’s short and satisfying with good links to news and other blogs. According to the FAQ this it Christopher Fan’s site but there’s a number of other contributors doing good stuff. There’s some excellent longer pieces too.

The site also shows good creative scope. There’s a prose and poetry section which alas returned an error and proved unviewable. A Toast And Tea Magazine is coming soon.

I discovered this blog half an hour ago, and already I am excited….Toast and Tea

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