Review 452

What a distinctly original site! The emphasis on family happenings provides a welcomed break from all the angsty teenage melodrama that dominates many weblogs.

While some might equate a “family” theme with “boring”, there is a certain quaintness here that sucked me in and engaged me emotionally. I cared when I read that the boys’ (her children) pet hamster died.

The color scheme is girly but passable. I’m really not a fan of gray backgrounds – especially when the text on top of it is a lighter shade of gray. The left-hand vertical bar (where most of the text is) is too narrow to read comfortably. It makes the eyes jump down a line after every 3 or 4 words. Not good.

The photography section is a real treat. The author has a very skilled hand and a nice digital camera. It shows. The subjects generally fall within the “nature and domestic life” category.

The intended audience is for their family to keep tabs on the boys, but I suspect this site will appeal to many many more.



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