Review 442

Out of Phase is a bare-bones

weblog with posts that range from

not-so interesting to rather

informative. Based on a Blogger

template, the looks of the site were

rather unoriginal, but there is

something to be said for simplicity.

I have to give the guy credit for the

effort he puts into writing his weblog

entries. He is willing to say what is

on his mind, which is always better

than attempts at writing for the sake

of writing. Most of his entries were

about his friends and the path his life

was taking. As a musician, I was

able to identify with his writings about

equipment and what not.

The only link the site offered was to

the radio station for which the author

worked. No bio, pics, or anything

else, except for the obligatory link to


Nothing special or out of the ordinary

about Out of Phase, but nothing very

horrible either.out of phase

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