Review 430

I’m not too fond of the of the gray font over the light bluish background. I find it a bit hard to read so I had to tilt my laptop screen to read the site a better. The author, Atika really likes anime since she has a pic of a character posted on her site, and talks

about it in some of her posts.

The impression I got after reading her site is she has a lot of energy. Seems like she’s been traveling a lot lately and spoke a bit about one trip she recently took to London where she went to stage school and talked about her singing teacher:

I’m in such a good mood now coz the signing teacher Kate Young who has taught Robbie Williams and Emma

Bunton (baby spice) to name only a couple, is interested in me!!! Wow! I probably sound all egotistical now but it’s actually true (I didn’t beleive [sic] it at first either) She say’s she’s going to help me get an agent!

Yes, I am deffinatly [sic] in a good mood ^_^

I wasn’t totally into her site because it was a bit too teenager for me. But if you like anime and a teen, then you’ll might like this site.

the crumbling

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