Review 428

Udaho was what seemed to be a group weblog run by six or seven people. Thickly coated with teen pop culture lingo, imagery and style, the site was thin in content and considered itself funnier than I found it to be.

I was unenthused about the rude judgements in the Top Ten Ugliest Cam Chicks post, and never found myself laughing at any of the other weblog entries. Trying to figure out what other content was available for viewing only frustrated me as I was led to ambiguous javascript popups with pictures of the site administrators and logs of chat transcripts that didn’t interest me.

Udaho seemed to be a clique of people who post to this site with no intention of making something anyone outside of their circle would be interested in.

The layout was rather well done, and it actually made sense. However, being primarily orange in color was distracting. The archives (also in a popup window) didn’t work at all, so I was left looking at the main page.

Perhaps this site could benefit from some refining and refocusing. I sensed some potential for creating a good site, but the collaborators didn’t seem to all have their heads pointed in the same direction.

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