Review 424

Let me start by saying, what expectations can you have when you go to a site named “what logic?” Probably you expect something slightly far out and illogical.

Well these two are the exception; their site is very down to earth and true. Although some of the posts make you think, “golly-gee-I-really-wanted-to-know-that,” most of them are humorous and/or fun to read. Brian and Jack, the two loggers seem to be very down to earth and I like that in a person. Right now there is only ten or so logs but this seems like a really good up and coming site.

This site is probably the first site that made a red color-scheme look good. His layout is great; he did not overcrowd the main page with links and other junk, but instead put it on another page. This makes the front page easy for the eyes to look at.

This would definitely be a 5-point site if they would make the logs more in depth, but so far it looks great.


what logic?

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