Review 415

I have seen a lot of weblogs, and I have to say that if you took a smattering of this, and a little bit of that, ineffectual is what you would get. Needlessly short posts of little to no importance, overdone design, and a link to a site that looks remarkably like his. I swear, I got deja vu when I read over his posts. It isn’t bad; the site is grammatically correct and has some fairly digestable content, but it’s boring. It lacks identity. Dare I even say it lacks purpose. The design, although overdone, is minimal and easy to read, which is probably not something one would want with a weblog that lacks personality. Right off the bat, the writer stated “[The Weblog Review] really pisses me off. our weblogs aren’t for you. that and you’re rather superficial.” I could rant about my opinion on this topic, but abstain I shall. In addition to being bitter and having an odd obsession with the superficiality of everything, this weblog is really just a bitch-and-moan angst fest. It isn’t horrible, and it isn’t hard to read. But it lacks the identity and pinache a weblog needs to keep its head above water in this day and age.ineffectual

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