Review 408

Caterina Net offers everything you could possibly want from a weblog. It is very well written, so much so that you begin to wonder if Caterina might be some kind of professional writer. Which she is.

Caterina has that rare ability to add spark to even the most ordinary events; every story is full of character and spirit, and carries such effortless charm that quite quickly you find yourself led deeper and deeper into the site.

This is one of the few, the glorious few worthy of inclusion in a list of favourites, in the company of bluishorange as one of the most compulsively readable sites on the internet today.

The site is deep, with an extensive archive and a series of extras, including a list of books Caterina has read, most with links to Amazon and some even with a brief review.

My words are not strong enough to convey just how good a site this is, but nonetheless I’ll try: it is simply one of the best.Caterina.Net