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The design is decent, and the navigation is simple and prominent. I found my way around quite easily, and the color scheme is quite soothing.

Obviously, as a Computer Science student from North Dakota State, I don’t think I’m anywhere near the target audience for this weblog focusing on legal news in the Philippines, but I do have quite an interest in legal issues, so I guess I’m as good as any non-lawyer on staff.

The writing here is very intelligent and well thought out, however, each entry tends to take on the tone of somewhat of a political speech. I mean, obviously, authors sometimes get off on an emotionally charged rant about this or that thing that is directly affecting their life, and often it’s good to read such entries, as long winded as they might be, because the issues they speak of are important most of the time. The first such entry here was like that. I didn’t quite agree with some of it, but it was good to read. Then the second one was a little less amusing. From there on out, my mind began to drift.

Once again, this might just be because I’m not a lawyer, but there’s only so long you can carry on preaching while remaining interesting. The blog would be an excellent daily read for a Philipino lawyer, or any lawyer, probably, but the general blog reader would more than likely be on their way after an entry or two.

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