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This was the first non-personal weblog I have reviewed. It was definitely a new challenge. It took me a few minutes to figure out what I was looking at, but it turned out to be an informational site for people in the Phillipines regarding Internet law, news, and technology.

The website is run by Marvin Aceron, a lawyer in the Phillipines who seems to be “for the people”. With political weblog entries, such as a call for boycotting the two telephone companies, he appears to be making a statement. People in the Phillipines may find this to be a very useful site, as it contains a lot of pertinent information for anyone needing to know about their rights, the law, and legal council.

The design of the site is a little unorthodox for what you might expect out of a “news” site; not necessarliy a bad thing, but it threw me at first. I wish there had been a little more up-front information about the site to clue me in as to what it was about without having to dig so deep. I would certainly recommend the site to anyone in the Phillipines, and to anyone else who might be interested in a glipmse into things you would normally never think about.What’s new at

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