Review 400

This was a fresh and unique idea for

a weblog. is a

weblog written from the perspective

of a cat; certainly the first of those I

have reviewed. I liked the look and

layout of the site, and was interested

to learn about it.

Most of the weblog entries were only

a couple of sentences long, usually

containing a link to a picture of or

another site about cats. I felt that the

entries were generally too short, but

then, I don’t really know what to

expect out of a cat in the first place.

There were good links to other parts

of the site, including a bio, info about

cat adoptions, and other feline

related material. I was disappointed

to learn that the site design and

graphics had admittedly been ripped

off from another site. is at the least a good

way of turning an old idea into

something new and fresh. The

humoruos style in which it was made

reflects the “real” author’s love for

cats. Any cat owner would find this

site entertaining.CockyKitty

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