Review 395

The one word I would use to fully describe this blog is “wow!” I do not know of what happened to the old blog called “Frowning Monkey.” What I do know that the webmaster, whoever he is, had a great idea and carried it out.

After the events of 9/11/01, the blog became “What we saw,” a blog for people that were actually there when the WTC twin towers were hit. It doesn’t have an intriguing design, but what matters is what people wrote. Anyone can post, and everyone can post, but the author pleases people not to make it a debate, just a recall of memories.

This is great place for people to let out feelings without arguing with others about thoughts and ideas on the America on Attack story. If you were around when the towers fell, I suggest you post your story on the site. It is a great way to examine the tragedy in a different form.

It is quite hard to review this site, because no specific person posts. There is no need for content, although having pictures would make it more interesting. The design is all right for the purpose for the site, and easily navigable due to only one page and archives. The 4.0 rating goes to the idea for the blog, and for the amazing recounts on the tragedy.

frowning monkey

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