Review 386

The graphics and color scheme of this

site are the first things that really

grabbed me. “ooh, slick” were the words

of my internal monologue. Purple,

shadows, blackness, mmmmmm. And the

purple-tinted graphic of an attractive

woman on the side – nice.

My interest was aroused.

Then I started reading. The very first

line read, “need weed”. Easy to

identify with that. Then I was

immediately assaulted by the chronic (no

pun intended) misspellings, aol-esque

abbreviations (2 for “to”, & for “and”,

4 for “for”, u for “you”, you get the

idea), and general abuse of the english

language. My interest fizzled and I

developed a headache.

It’s a shame too because the author

seems very passionate and worth knowing.

The skinny white text on the black

background burns my retinas. The “posted

at” color is much too dark to be read on

the black background.

In a sentence: An otherwise fascinating

weblog crippled by poor use of language

and poor font/background choice.

fin.Allegra’s Strange World – ShadowedChild

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