Review 382

A Boy and his Bus is a charming little weblog with a unique focus: the author is a true bus afficionado.

It isn’t often that you come across a site so specialised, and so this page makes a refreshing change. The posts remain true to the site’s raison d’etre, and there are a couple of very nice touches to this young site:

1. The site does not begin with the latest blog as such; instead it has a short paragraph introducing the author and his interest in renovating and owning old buses. This is a very useful touch as otherwise the reader could quite quickly be lost in details. Though not a thorough ‘About’ section (which is good because that would be too intensive a way to start), it does provide all the background you need to appreciate the content.

2. The design is smooth, and clearly carries across a sense of nostalgia for buses and their history and traditions.

3. Although the posts don’t go back very far, there are plenty of photographs to browse through. Some kind of slide show (perhaps in the same style as would help matters progress more smoothly; an illustrated history of the author’s interests would be fascinating.

Granted, the subject matter is not to everyone’s taste, and is too specialised to accomodate every reader, but that is another of the site’s strengths. Reading the posts carries across a feeling of the enthusiasm the author has for his subject, and is really what the internet, and especially the blogging community, is all about.

I wish this site all the best for the future, and I hope that it continues to improve from this solid foundation. It remains to be seen, of course, where the site will go from here but I hope the enthusiasm and nostalgic longings continue.a boy and his bus…

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