Review 378

“through myself” is a decent weblog doing all the right things a weblog should. The design of the site was nice, though a little narrow spacially. I had some trouble deciphering the links in the image map at the top of the page, but that was perhaps a result of my monitor.

The weblog entries were generally thoughtful and well written. Nothing really hooked me, but I was able to at least “get an inkling of what life is like” through the author’s eyes, as the statement under “Shiznit” suggests is one of her goals.

I was a little unsure of the difference between her weblog and her “lately” page, which seemed to contain more interesting comments. Also, I was misled by what appeared to be graphical buttons in the image at the top of each page.

The author is obviously experienced enough in weblog writing and site design to know what makes a weblog bad, and she avoids it well. I was happy to see her commenting on the fact that she has grown out of her stage of “KooL” spelling.

It’s worth a look.through myself

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