Review 373

I loved the name of this weblog. It epitomises the whole weblog idea, in my opinion. “OddSocks” has a disclaimer stating “OddSocks” will be a total mess for awhile”, and it is.

The orange type on white background makes for an unusual reading experience.

Overlapping and having to scroll right to read the whole page is bothersome, but I thoroughly enjoyed the section titled “The Good, The Bad, The Reviewer”. Twelve second reviews are something enjoyable, even if having to scroll right to read.

Some of the entries in “List-o-Links” were so good that I bookmarked them for my own pleasure at a later date.

The “Archives” section contained good reading in a lot of areas, but the overlapping type and scroll right problem is still evident.

I’m looking forward to delving further into “OddSocks” when this site has finished it’s revision.