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The stresses of the A-Level Tests. You have to feel sorry for those who have to takes these tests because it’s obvious and clear that it’s stressful to take them and then to see the results. Alex, who had to go through this along with thousands of other kids from the UK, spoke about how much of an impact these tests have on his life and where it will lead him.

Alex talked a lot about this test results and what he hopes to study later on in the future. In one lengthy post, he said he was reading a book on American and British politics and posted a quote which was geared towards the current US President, George W. Bush which was stated by comedian, Lily Tomlin: 98% of the people in this country are decent, hard-working, honest Americans. It’s the other lousy 2% that get all the publicity. But then – we elected them. I found that as a pretty accurate statement, I living in US, hehe.

Despite the fact there weren’t any archives to sort through — his site’s going through some changes — he did have some good stuff today. One thing I liked a lot which he said as a result of his tests: [it’s] the most important day of our life so far, the next 3 years of our lives will be decided on the events of today and it seems unfair that some will succeed where others fail. Even thought he’s talking about his results, you can pretty much apply this to any life changing moment, like graduating, starting a family, getting married or anything else which has a lot of meaning to you.

His site is nice and simple with just some links to other weblogs and cute little “Yoshi’s Land” icons which was done by a fellow friend of his who altered his site a bit saying, “It’s influenced by two major interests of my life at the momment [sic], Dawson’s Creek (the title font) and Yoshi’s Island (the various little sprite images).”

My only beef with the site is it would have been nice to see some archives. Over all it’s a pretty good site.

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