Review 369

This is a pretty good site. Took me a second or two to see that the image at the top was an x-ray. Liked the layout; nice and simple. I clicked on the area where Tim has some other blogs linked and I saw he posted descriptions of the blogs with some additional information. I’d never seen anyone do this on a personal site and thought it was creative for him to do; it’s like a mini Weblog Review section.

Now the blog …Tim’s posts were fairly short with ideas, links to other sites or just funny observations:

Party Packed: 270 miles, a birthday party, 3 weddings, and a street dance. What a hell of a saturday. Today, I recover.

Good Deal? I just bought gas for $1.38.

The most important question of my life: What makes a better happy hour. Free tacos with ok drink prices or $.25 tacos with great drink prices?

I went to look at the archives and was given a list of posts to click on to read his bleeps. At first I didn’t like it, but then later I liked it because I got to scroll through the titles of his posts.

For the most part, I liked his site because of his creativity. It’s great to find a site where the person goes the extra mile to put out something a bit more original.Salted Wound

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