Review 3680

The website and blog of the National Metal Fabricators company, located at, is an excellent example of a hybrid website.

Though it houses the commercial presence of a company in business since 1944, it incorporates some of the very best aspects of both a well-organized static website as well as a dynamic blog that enables the company to frequently update its customers and potential customers as to new developments in sheet metal fabrication services in Chicago, as well as the overall economy and how it impacts their particular business.

We here at The Weblog Review are always interested in featuring new trends in websites and I believe we have an indication of the way forward for sites that need to educate customers about product lines but don’t want to do it in such a way that they fall back on the boring HTML-only presentation methods of the 1990s.

If you look carefully at, you’ll notice that there are several so-called calls to action to make it easier for potential customers to request quotes from the company as to their fabrication services for sheet metal, but it is never done in such a way that it feels too overdone, which might risk alienating people who might otherwise be interested in metal fabrication.

If you are about to start a blog and website for your company, I would suggest taking a good look at, as a good lesson on website design, coexisting with functional commercial aspects that need to be prominently displayed without compromising the attractive branding of the site.NULL