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The Track Your Truck blog and website is an e-commerce site for a company that specializes in providing GPS vehicle tracking solutions for various sorts of commercial mobile assets.

This site is an excellent example of a business conveying their message to potential clients without compromising the aesthetic appeal of their website on one hand, while the same time showing a very concise and clear explanation of exactly what it is they offer and how much it would cost potential customers every month.

The site is an excellent example of education for its customers, an explanation of the benefits of real-time tracking as well as a repository for demonstration videos to help people understand their service, for those who may be more inclined to look at videos rather than read pages of text.

At the same time the website features a blog section as well, so that the company can keep visitors up to date with new information as to the industry and possible technological advances that serve to make their vehicle tracking solutions more efficient, or even cheaper.

The site is built on Drupal, a content management system that may not be quite as popular WordPress but is often favored by companies as a relatively simple way of creating attractive website quickly, normally with a static front page as well as more dynamic elements that are easy to change, such as the aforementioned blog located on this particular site.

For anyone interested in learning how to combine the commercial elements of their online presence with a blog format is nicely integrated on the homepage, I suggest that you go check out the Track Your Truck website. Especially if you are in need of GPS-based vehicle tracking solutions it looks to be a professional and reasonably priced company.NULL

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