Review 3675

The business website for the Quality Glass Block company is an amazingly well executed example of a low-key sales approach and an enormous resource for both professional class block installers and do-it-yourself homeowners who are interested in adding this interesting and attractive home-improvement feature to their residences. I will wager that there are very few glass block suppliers in the United States who have websites as attractive and functional as what visitors see when they visit

You wouldn’t have to be in the business of selling glass blocks for residential windows systems to be convinced by this site that using Drupal as a content management system is an excellent method for constructing all of the elements that you’ll need for a site that projects a coherent brand message as well as imparting a professional feel and confidence in the ability of a company to get the job done.

One element that impressed me with the site was that from the front page visitors are clearly guided to either a homeowner section where the company will help them plan their project, or an area for professionals who don’t need that sort of education.

If you are trying to decide whether to move forward with your business website by making use of either WordPress or Drupal I would suggest you visit the quality glass block website to get a good look at the state-of-the-art in what can be constructed for you to more effectively sell whatever it is you’re offering. And if you are in the market for loose glass block, windows or venting systems go take a look at this well-done website.