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Chances are that most people don’t wonder too much about the business of packaging fulfillment, packaging solutions and designs, even though our lives are touched by these basic business functions every single day. The Heritage Pioneer Corporate Group’s blog and website is an absolutely outstanding example of how business-to-business websites can have attractive web presences that avoid feeling “corporate” and boring.

Instead this site does a great job in getting people excited about sustainable packaging for instance, incorporating biodegradable and recycled packaging for almost anything you would need to have shipped anywhere.

The website features an engaging, informative Flash presentation on the home page that immediately makes a visitor aware of the different services or solutions offered by, and then efficiently directs the site user to one of four categories of information as to the company’s brand, as well as ways to immediately get in touch with a specialist who can help with moving and storage, order fulfillment or packaging solutions.

One element of this attractive site that is example of a feature we’re seeing more and more on business websites is the link from the front page to a blog area where customers and potential customers alike can be notified as to updates either in the company’s business or new developments in packaging fulfillment and solutions and design.

This blogging element has become a fixture in websites that require a dynamic, constantly changing area that can be easily updated. For both the quality of their site and the apparent professionalism of their packaging business, Heritage Pioneer corporate group gets high marks from me.

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