Review 367

Excellence, if one word could wrap up his site, excellence would be it. The layout is magnificent and the logs are interesting and fun to read. Sites having logs which are 2 sentences long updated every three days is really boring. It really seems that the Webmaster has their heart into the site and that is what I like to see. You really get a sense for what the webmaster is feeling, and that’s the point of a personal weblog. There is Porn on the site, which puts it into the adult category but if you want a good daily read, this is the place to go. Now about the sites looks. It is very fluid and easy for the eye to look at, as the color scheme is very well thought up.

F.U.B.A.R. easily dwarfs any other 5-point site I have seen to date. The site deserves more than a five and I wish I could do that.


bad in a good way (f.u.b.a.r)

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