Review 365

A lot of websites rely heavily on design, but this one is obviously content based. Without being pretentious, depressing, excessively wordy, or all of the above, this site is definitley interesting and well written. I was immediately struck by the writer’s rundown of the songs that have affected her life. She wrote so beautifully on the subject, waxing nostalgic on her daddy, reminiscing about falling in love. Damn, if I were a better person, I might have cried. Design wise, although design is not the integral part of the site, it is very fresh and green. Very green. I really dig the image of the flower at the top of the page. No-nonsense, pleasing to the eyes, overall good design. There’s something I can’t put my finger on about the writer’s style. I guess she has the articulation necessary to say what she wants without garbling the ideas. Poetic. Clean. Interesting. And not written by a teenager for once! I’d definitley recommend snazzykat. It looks like i’ll be keeping up with it for a while.snazzykat

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