Review 364

The main thing that struck me about Sarah G was the lack of any sort of background info. I mean, maybe I just couldn’t find it (which would be a problem anyway), but there was a screaming lack of any sort of “about me” page. This isn’t really the kind of blog where everything about it is intuitively obvious, so it would nice to have a page with some information about the author; something for the reader to grasp until enough of the blog has been read for them to feel comfortable.

In that same vein of thought, I found it interesting that she talked about work so much, but made it a point not to reveal what it is she does.

So, we’ll boil this down to its parts: this is the kind of blog I’d definitely find myself reading regularly, if I knew anything about her. I mean, if the blog is just for her friends who already know her, more power to her; but if it is in fact meant for a wider crowd, the blog can’t really stand up as is.Sarah G

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