Review 362

Here is a site devoted to the life of a married woman who has two kids. The younger of the two is about to turn one.

I found this site to be very useful to me. I don’t know why, I don’t have kids and I am not married, nor am I female. But I knew that someday, I would be going through the things she is currently going through (only I would be a father, not a mother for obvious reasons).

The majority of her posts are around her family. What she is doing, what they are doing, what they are doing together, that type of thing. Every now and then there is a review of a movie or something non-family related.

The extra features of the site I really enjoyed. I read her bio which was a little short, but that is ok. Then there is the list of strangers and a description of who they are. I found this section very useful as it made the weblog make more sense.

Overall a really good read and one that isn’t too hard to follow.

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