Review 359

“I’ve Moved Yo!” nearly sent me straight to the next review in line, but I decided to forge on and see just what caused the move from a site titled “Disgruntled” to a site and domain called “Psychodelick dot com”.

After clicking, ( not being auto directed ) to “Psychodelick dot com”, I began my perusal of this effort.

After reading blog items posted irregularly and which appear to be “cut and paste” from somewhere and in their entirety (perhaps not plagiarism, but I’m not sure this was credited where credit was due, maybe a “byline” is in order here?) with a few side comments by the webmaster thrown in here and there. Other posts were nicely linked to more personal items dealing with the life of “Psycho”, as he has named himself. The post thanking his loving family and especially his understanding father were heartwarming.

The tiny font and blue on black of the links are hard on the eyes., and the “Fans” section seems to contain ….a fan. The “Webcam” link found no webcam at all, merely a broken link. Under the “Musik” link I did find two mp3s to download, but the “Essay” section was very hard to read with the tiny white font on black background.

Basically a good effort, needing some work on accessibility for those of us with bad eyesight, but a good insight into the mind of a teenaged male.


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