Review 3585

The Once Upon A Family website is an interesting and well-executed concept for a niche business that ingeniously addresses one of the pressing needs that most families have today: how to combine everyone’s busy lifestyles with the desire to slow down and document family traditions and family values, with the help of various tools and products from the Internet.

The creator of the site, Tiffany, calls herself a “family traditions consultant”, and has structured Once Upon A Family into sections that correspond to various periods in a family’s development, from young couples getting married and just starting out, to having children, all the way through to becoming grandparents.

Products offered on the site include everything from a ‘marriage survival kit’ and keepsakes for retired couples, to a baby hand prints book, a ‘while I’m away’ gift selection for couples separated by circumstances, and various attractive photo albums. Everything is tastefully presented, and the commercial aspect of the Once Upon A Family site is completely de-emphasized so that it feels much more like a website that a friend might create to feature family-related themes.

The site is built on Weebly, a blogging tool that is rapidly becoming more popular for people who are less interested in getting into the nuts and bolts of coding and simply want to create good-looking and functional sites such as Once Upon A Family. The general design of the photographs Tiffany taken has chosen is real high point of the site.

Tiffany has done a fine job on Once Upon A Family and I predict that she will see a big increase in visitors over time as people come looking for the kinds of family-related themes, keepsakes, mementos and gifts that she features. If you would like to refocus a little bit of your attention on the most important people in your life, I’d recommend taking a look at this attractive site.NULL