Review 358

Thou Art God gives you very little to

go by: no information about the

author, very little (if anything) to say

about the links in each log entry, and

no entry longer than 40 or 50 words

in the first place. There are no

images or graphics other than the 10

little buttons leading to various other

weblogs, and there was not much to

look at, do, or read about.

So why would one want to visit such

a place? If you want to follow

random links blindly, if you want to

read ever-so-short movie reviews (“I

saw Legend of the Drunken Master

last night, and it was a very cool

movie. The fight scenes were

awesome. “), or if you are a hardcore

minimalist, then you may love this


Personally, I couldn’t get into a

weblog that offered no info about

where I was going or whose words I

was reading. With no context for the

website, I was unable to leave

feeling or knowing anything different

than when I arrived.

Thou Art God

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