Review 356

I almost forgot that I had to review this blog because I just got so into this site. Apparently, a while ago someone else had reviewed Chris’s site and he didn’t quite like what was said. Not sure what exactly was said about his site, however I really enjoyed a lot.

I just kept reading and reading and reading; his words just rolls off the screen so well. He writes direct and doesn’t try and put too many details to fog his feelings and ideas which is good. Chris talks mostly about what’s going on in his life, like being a single parent, his new girlfriend who he clearly cares about, his 2 kids and his struggle to find some work.

But what makes his site one of the best is his optimistic outlook about life and always finds the positive in any situation, even in those painful moments of life where life seems all too real. I think we need more people like him in this world.without coffee, I have no personality at all

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