Review 349

Upon first glance, VerseGuru gave

me the impression that it might be

rather mundane. The design was

nice enough, with easy navigation

and nifty buttons, but the first couple

of weblog entries were not exactly


Upon reading further into the weblog,

the author redeemed himself with a

plethora of interesting links and

information. I spent a lot of time (at

least an hour) checking out these

links, finding new thing after new

thing that I bookmarked for later

reference (including his site). A

major plus was the fact that he made

descriptive comments about each

link, so I always knew what I was

getting into, or if I should bother

checking them out at all. The weblog

entries were still splattered with

some random blurbs about things

such as garlic and the wonder of

bullet points, but there was enough

tech talk, cool links, and interesting

matter to pull the weblog through.

Several of the navigation buttons led

to unfinished pages, which was a bit

of a disappointment. Backing out to

the main index page, I felt as if I had

been led to the end of the website

rather than the beginning. The

weblog page definitely seemed like

the hub. I liked the fact that the

weblog archives were listed by

quarter rather than by the typical

month or weeks.

VerseGuru is a must-see if you are

technically aligned and you want to

spend some time checking out

some fresh and interesting links.

With time, I feel sure that the author

can round out the unfinished parts of

the site with more worthwhile


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