Review 3448

Gary states in his profile that his “purpose in life is to make people laugh, and then when they aren’t looking, slap them in the face and run away. The blog “The Title is Irrelevant… Or Is It?” is classified as a humor blog, and was introduced to the world in September of 2007.

The blog is a standard blogger template with very nice complimentary colors in shades of teal, blue and white. His profile states he is a 51 year old student in Land O’Lakes Florida, but reading through the content of the blog reveals he isn’t quite that old. In fact, he just turned 18.

In an early entry, he discusses the magic of internet anonymity and how people can paint all kinds of pictures about who they are, or aren’t. He discusses past blogging experiences, specifically on the experiences he had with his humor/advice blog Gary’s Advice Column. He discovers that on the internet, people take things very seriously, even when things are meant to be humorous… and things can often take an uncomfortable turn when you’re advising people what to do with their unwanted babies.

While he confesses that he has been a failure as a blogger in the past, compared to his other blogs, this blog can already be considered a success. In two short months he’s managed to post more than he did in two whole years on his other blogs. So he’s off to a decent start.

On the Zombie entry all the pictures are missing. I enjoyed the photos of his sculptures. The blog doesn’t have a lot of photo content, so it loads very fast and the entries are substantial in length, which is nice in a world of 3 second sound bytes.

The title of a blog may be irrelevant, but the content should be. Gary’s blog isn’t slap in the face funny. There are a lot more honest and not quite amusing but real, honest observations (ie: Cell phones in class going off and the immaturity of some students in the face of professors) that are actually better than some joke pulled off the internet or the recruiter phone call discussion. Gary should keep writing, the content is relevant even if it is not slap in your face funny.

I give the blog a 3.25, and am reclassifying the blog as “personal” instead of “humor.” I fully encourage Gary to keep writing situational observations about what is going on around him. I agreed with a lot of what he had to say (if my dad ever came in and told me to “smell the bathroom” I’d probably say out loud what he thought in his head…) and I think he’s off to a good start. NULL