Review 3437

Link Building is a tricky name for a blog. I figured it was probably something to do with search engine optimization and not much else. And of course I was right.

The first thing I noticed was that the author linked to his main page when he submitted his site. Don’t worry I fixed the URL to his blog. If you want the main site, just remove the blog/ from the url.

The blog says it is powered by Submit Edge, but really its a word press blog. I know this because it is using a standard template that comes with word press.

The posts are all about SEO and what you can do and all that stuff. I say all that stuff because he even says in one of his posts that SEO work is for the professionals. So why even have a blog about how to do it?

The blog does have some good posts and tips on what to do so I can’t knock it. This blog is ok as far as SEO blogs go. There are far better SEO blogs out there, but then there are a lot of worse ones. I would look at the site and see what he says and take it with a grain of salt.NULL