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The first thing I thought when I read the title “I Am Woman, See Me Blog” was that the site had better not be some Grrrrl Power blog, because I’ve never found one of those that didn’t make me roll my eyes. I was very pleased when I read the author’s Blogger profile explaining that the blog is all about her (most of the time), which means no overload of political feminist statements. Yay for that.

As the site loaded, I was greeted by a custom-made design, which is so nice to see among all of the standard Blogger templates that come up time and time again. The simple two-column layout has the typical blogger tools and information down the sidebar (i.e. archives, blogroll, etc.) and the main content fills up the bigger of the two columns, like most other weblogs. The archives of this site start back on August 2006, but the author makes mention of transferring old posts from a previous blog to “I Am Woman, See Me Blog”, so it sounds like she’s done this before.

Lizzie, the author of the site, does a good job of responding to a lot of the feedback that’s left in the comment section of each entry. Whether she knows the people commenting or they’re just first time visitors, she seems engaged by everyone, which is a great way to maintain readers.

Most of the posts deal with her daily life in the Philippines, and over the summer she made it a point to highlight other bloggers about once a week. She participates in the typical meme from time to time and occasionally posts some absolutely beautiful photos of the area she lives in. Variety is a big component of the posts you’ll find on this blog.

Over the past month, Lizzie’s been going back and forth between taking small blogging breaks and at the time of this review, is in the midst of another one of those breaks. It’s obvious from her writing that she doesn’t throw up a post just for the sake of having some content. She puts great thought into what she’s writing and it makes it easy for people to read and understand.

“I Am Woman, See Me Blog” is definitely a personal weblog. The focus of the entries usually falls around the author’s personal life, and because of this new readers can easily find themselves lost. This is prone to happen with any personal blog and certainly doesn’t draw away from the value of this particular weblog.

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