Review 341

I gotta admit I picked this weblog because I’m big fan of it. Not that that’ll bias me in anyway at all. Brian has got a certain flair to his posts, it’s a mix between real life and the sometimes strange workings of his mind. (Okay most of the time strange workings.) If you’re a first time visitor or been away awhile then most likely you’ll get a little confused because of inside jokes you might have missed. It’s not an unlikely occurence that you’ll find something to cause you to laugh out loud, or will offend you in some way. But Brian posts it all, everything that’s pretty much going on without sparing anyone’s sensabilities.

The layout is an interesting design, the normal posts with information down the side. But it’s edited nicely, loads fast, and is nice and crisp, and gives the guys a thrill if you stare at a certain picture too long.

I’d have to say this weblog has acheived the best mixture of reality and humor, and would be a great read for anyone looking to have a laugh.Temporal Pleasure

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