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I changed the category for Hormones-Beauty-Health to Business. This is a marketing site run by an affiliate for a company (, and in their own words they are “a progressive distributor of women’s healthcare and beauty products.”

Progressive? Like Progressive like Liberals leaving the democratic party because it is too conservative? Good gracious I hate the overuse of the word “progressive” all across the globe these days. I’m not sure what makes them “progressive.” They certainly aren’t “radical” or “revolutionary.” At least they don’t come across to me in any way that could match up with a definition of progressiveness.

Anyway — the Hormones-Beauty-Health website is filled with feature articles on Women’s Health Care, from Skin care (adult acne, aging, post-menopausal problems) to general health care (stress, eating disorders, post-partum depression)and Emu Oil…. which I believe is something they really are into at Hormones-Beauty-Health.

The site is a gentle pinkish brown and white with standard blue underlined links in the Arial font. It is very easy to navigate, very light on graphics, and truly an “informational” site with dozens of articles on all kinds of health, hormonal and beauty topics.

In their top bar navigation (which is dark pink text on light pink background, slightly hard to read on my flat-screen monitor so i had to punch up the contrast a bit) there is a blog category so I went there to see what was being blogged.

It is a WordPress driven blog, header banner with standard two column layout. The colors of the banner are completely different than that of the marketing site. I would suggest html code of “target=blank” off of the Hormones-Beauty-Health page to launch people out of the marketing site and open up a new window for a page so completely different in scope than the rest of the site.

This page is located at for those following along at home. It is an easy to read and navigate blog, with somewhat repetitive information from the Hormones-Beauty-Health main page. There is an entry examining other blogs and their popularity, links to a favorite blog or two, some free recipes from a “sponsor” (which strangely enough links back to a sub-page in Hormones-Beauty-Health).

The “about” page inside the blog still holds the original WordPress content for ‘this is your about page, you can write here about yourself.’ I highly suggest that be edited because it looks silly to leave that with the default content.

The blog site is very simple and easy to navigate. The header banner is much nicer than the header for the marketing site at Hormones-Beauty-Health.

Blog archives go back to December 2005 but there is mostly one blog entry for the each of the first several months of the blog’s existence. It seems that the blog is now being used more often to promote the main corporate site as the recent months have a lot more content. The earlier months’ content seems to be repeated in some way on the Tips page for the main marketing site of Hormones-Beauty-Health and so I’m wondering — why blog at all if everything is over on the marketing site?

Everything seems cyclical and points back to the main page eventually. I think this is all a big online marketing site for people to get some advice on psoriasis or other skin and aging issues so they can buy … Arbonne! There are links to the skin care company Arbonne within blog entries as another “sponsor” to We know from the beginning About page in the main site that IHD is the progressive affiliate for another company, obviously Arbonne International.

Everyone I know right now is selling Arbonne. They want me to host parties and will give me 300 dollars off or free shipping to everyone who orders from my party… all my friends are trying to climb an inner corporate ladder to become regional sales manager or district sales director for Arbonne.

None of them have a webpage.

Overall, the tips and advice are interesting. Everyone is trying to make money on the internet, and Arbonne is a growing business. Our blog author is using the web to promote his/her business and hopefully drum up some sales. I wish him/her the best of luck.

I have no real intention of revisiting the blog, but the Hormones-Beauty-Health page did have some good content that I may refer back to. I give the site a 2.75 rating. NULL

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