Review 3379

I’ve never been an avid reader of Consumer Reports; I figure if I buy something and it ends up being a piece of junk, that’s my loss. But when it comes to buy toys, supplies, or even food for my dog, I do as much research as I can, because he can’t really tell me what he thinks about it. As foolish as it might sound to non-pet owners, I think anyone that finds themselves as attached to their pet as I am will find the Petsumer Report Blog a valuable tool.

The site is still relatively new, having less than half a dozen posts so far. As long as the author, who seems very devoted to the issue she’s blogging about, keeps things rolling with this site, it definitely has the potential not only become more popular, but help pet owners everywhere make better decisions on what to buy or feed their pets.

Susan, the author of the site, has worked in the pet industry for over 20 years, according to the brief about section on the site. She’s an accomplished dog trainer and author, giving her the perfect background and wonderful credibility to publish a site like this.

The layout is one of the standard Typepad layouts, which makes since considering that’s where it’s hosted. There aren’t many added bells and whistles to the site, and while the minimalistic look is good at times, I think a site like this could benefit from other links, product recommendations, or something along those lines to enhance the different information in each post.

Petsumer Report is clearly a very helpful site. The author mentions having sent out a press release and already being contacted by PBS. In order for the site to be a big hit in the blog world, though, it’s going to need to stick around a bit more. As long as the staying power is strong for the site, Petsumer Report will easily become a well-respected place of information for pet-owners everywhere.