Review 3363

The Lexi Review is a review site like I haven’t seen before. The reviews are primarily done by a dog – a Doberman named Lexi. It’s a very simple site, but done creatively, in my opinion.

The author uses a Blogger-inspired layout, which is a simply done white background with dark gray text. Each review follows the same template. There’s a picture of Lexi enjoying (or not enjoying, depending on the product!) the product, with her stamp of approval (or disapproval), followed by the pros and cons of the subject of each review. Lexi rates it on a five star scale, and so does Lexi’s owner.

Everything from types of food, toys, and even dog-training facilities are touched on in these reviews, giving dog-owners a clue to all sorts of different options out there. The target audience – and probably only audience – of this site will be dog owners or potential dog owners.

There’s not a lot to touch base on as far as a review goes. It’s a simple site with a simple purpose and it succeeds in its goal of reviewing dog-related products perfectly. As time goes on, I only see more and more good things going with this site.NULL

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