Review 3350

“Success is simply a matter of luck. Ask any failure.” This is the name of this EasyJournal blog and it’s also a quote from Earl Wilson, the first black pitcher to ever play for the Red Sox and one of the most quote-worthy baseball players from his time.

At the top of the main page of this site, the author describes himself as someone who likes to read online news and articles. If this blog is any indication, he also likes to copy and paste online news and articles. As far as I could tell in reading through from the time this site started, there’s not a bit of original content on the site. At the bottom of each post, there’s either a link to where the article was originally found or a bit about the author of the previous post.

I did appreciate a few of the articles. Who knew that looking at the trees and grass outside my apartment in the midst of an intense round of gaming would be enough to refocus my eyes? I did not, but if I wanted to know, I could have found it on any site where Andrew Bermam’s articles are published. Who’s Andrew Bermam? Don’t know, but the author of this blog uses one of his articles.

The layout is a two column layout that works fine when you first open the site, but once you start going through the archives, it becomes slightly irritating. The column where the articles can be found becomes extremely narrow and a little hard on the eyes when trying to read.

There’s no creativity involved in this site. There’s no originality at all. If I had to guess without actually clicking on each of the links provided in the articles, I’d guess it’s some way to generate traffic to the other sites. NULL

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