Review 335

Definitley not your average teenager’s weblog. Incisive, well written, and impassioned. Dare I even say inspirational, but damn, this boy can write.

The design is intelligible, but not to the point that it’s just plain boring. The colors work well, the navigation is simple. It doesn’t detract from the content at all, which is important for this site. is one of those domain names that actually fits the fodder of the site. He writes about the music that affects him, almost as beautifully as the lyrics themselves. After quoting a Harvey Danger song, he says:

“It reminds of someone calmly screaming ‘I will not be like those that came before me. I will be the one that will not go quietly into the night.’ The one that leaves you irreversibly changed and tugs on your heartstrings so hard that you will forever be altered – for better or worse.”

He has a purpose in his writing, unlike many weblogs out there.

His opinions are original and well stated; he has the confidence in his beliefs that is necessary to make a point. The points he makes are interesting.

Overall, is well worth a look or two. I highly recommend

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