Review 3334

My first thought when I saw the name Talent in China was that this was going to be some sort of adult website. After being on the internet for over a decade there is little that surprises me. Thankfully this was not an adult website.

Talent in China is written mostly by Frank Mulligan, though occasionally there are guest bloggers. All of the posts focus on the human resources aspect of a company. This includes, but is not limited to applying for a job, searching through all the candidates and actually running the HR office. One thing that struck me as odd was a lot of links to off-site job related sites. These seemed almost as if they were put into the post more for advertising revenue or seo purposes rather than providing any real benefit.

The posts, while informative, are extremely boring. I couldn’t even really relate to them with my own job searches. The posts are well written, but are written in a text book manner that doesn’t captivate the audience. I have seen some 2000 page medical books that explain everything but about one paragraph in, it puts me to sleep. This site had a similar affect.

The layout of the site is a very simple three column layout that we have all seen before. The author makes no real attempt to make the site more interesting, because that isn’t the goal of the site. The goal is just to present information and that is it.

The archives on this site are in the worst possible format. There is a calendar and you must select each day that has a post. Now I know a lot of people think this is a great way to display archives, but it isn’t. Especially when the site was nominated for a “best of blogs” award all the way back in 2005. This site would benefit a lot from an archive system that displayed all the posts for each month on the same page.

Overall I was pretty bored with this site. I do not fit into the target audience which is HR people. The information is presented very blandly and the archives leave me wanting to visit another site. The only major plus is that the information provided is well written and informative, but as I said it is rather dull. If you work in an HR department or are looking for a job in China, then by all means visit this site. I cannot give this site above the 2.25 rating because of all the flaws.NULL