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I used to consider myself a musician about 12 years ago when I was obsessed with my high school band teacher. Since then, the only music I’ve been playing comes through my iPod. Why am I telling you this? To let you know in advance that I’m far from the target audience that the authors at were probably targeting when updating their blog.

The first thing I noticed, and I hate it when this happens, is that the layout was rather distracting. Instead of listing the last several posts down the page, there’s a table set up with the first sentence or two listed of the post and a link where readers can read the rest of the article. All of the authors do a good job of giving readers the gist of an article in the first several words, but I just found all of the clicking a little unnecessary. That’s why I scrolled to the bottom of the page so I could click on “View All Posts”.

April 9th was the very first post of the site and it does a straightforward job in explaining what the site is about and how those interested can also become a contributor to the site. From that point on, posts are made on a regular basis about a bevy of subjects, including Composition, Ear Training, Improvisation, Practice, Theory, and many, many more.

Each of the four authors have their own specialty they focus on when posting and their own writing style, all of which are key components on what make this blog work as well as it does.

As I mentioned before, those best suited for reading are, well, intellectual musicians, or at least those aspiring to be such. Former high school musicians, like myself, may have some challenges understanding each of the posts, but may also be able to pick up a new tip or two in their reading.NULL

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