Review 325

This is another one of those ego-stroking, breast and fan-sign showing, obnoxious, self-agrandizing thrones unto popularity. The author explicitly denies this, yet runs a fan club unto himself. Right.

Highlights include pictures of mediocre naked men and women wrapped in saran wrap. Why? I don’t know.

The author’s sense of humor is juvenile, yet occasionally entertaining. For example: he pulls ebay auction pranks. Whoopie.

There is a fair amount of inter-website drama doing down perpetually on the main page.

This site does a fine job of being a portal. There are lots of links to pictures, webcams, bands, and free stuff. The graphics are very tame, and standard fare for this style of weblog.

If you’re into goofy/silly/prank humor, or mediocre breasts wrapped in saran-wrap, this site may be for you.

fin.Driven By Boredom

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