Review 3226

Here I am, its a Saturday morning and it’s too early to get drunk yet so I hop on the net to catch up with The Web Log Review. The first site in the list today is “The Red Sneaker Diaries”, an adult/personal sex blog detailing the sexual encounters, conquests, and kinky additions to our authors life of raunch and debauch. Naturally, the tone is one of pure exhibition and you get a sense of the author’s pleasure in this. Straight away the authors legs and rear decorate my screen as a display of her recently acquired, pink knee-high boots.

Well, this sure beats the regular bag of oh-so-tediuous personal blogs filled with lengthy discourse about stuff that, I really honestly don’t care about and I don’t have any reason to care about the Red Sneaker Diaries either. However, a good set of sexy pins on the front page is a good enough hook for any red blooded male, I keep reading.

Categories include – Girl Sex, Kink, Pics, Sex, Spanking and others and appeal immediately to my baser instincts. I refrain for a minute and instead read the most recent entries including some quiet sex-in-a-house-full-of-sleeping-guests I’m sure more than a few of us can relate to. Others include a spanking so hard it breaks a wooden spoon, and other descriptive narratives for sexual encounters in various settings.

The design of the site is easy on the eye, and unlike most sex blogs is devoid of the distracting and down right annoying flashy adult ads. I am a fan of simple design and this site’s design is appealing. The site logo is very iconic with a fetish style nude wearing only red sneakers, although the pixels show and I reckon it could be cleaned up with Illustrator or some kind of vector lines to clean up the curves, its a great header though. There is a spelling error in the about section on the left and the occasional typo in some of the posts but these seem like honest mistakes and are not too frequent otherwise as the author has a good grip on the written word.

The Red Sneaker Diaries is a unashamedly sexy blog with a writing style akin to porn or romance fiction although we are led to believe this is a journal of our female authors sexual life, and we have no reason to believe it isn’t. The blogroll relates to others mentioned in her posts suggesting a nice community of sex bloggers, (One of whom has a site I’ve already reviewed!). I’m also happy to see a photography section as well as some How-to’s I’ll never need, but it helps diversify the site.

Overall a good read with some delicious post titles including “Fisting Anna”, “Women and Wax; Ice and Knives” “Anatomy of My Orgasm”, and “As My Pussy Would Say”. The Red Sneaker Diaries are well worth a visit particularly for those into spanking and domination, however it still makes interesting reading for the rest of us with enough diversity of content. The site has semi-regular updates but is very consistent and well read within the community. NULL

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