Review 3197

When I thought about the title of this blog, I thought this was going to be a site for men to rant about things. I don’t know why, it is just what I thought I would read. Unfortunately I was wrong. When the site loads the header tells us that this site is “Comments, mini-essays, anecdotes and quotations on language, literature, politics, the arts and almost anything else. Some are quite serious but most are not. Updated every two days or so.” Can we be any more straight forward on what to expect?

The blog uses a blogger template. Sure it is one of the less used ones, but I really wish the author would use his own design. The header has a little graphic, but that is it. The rest is standard. Oh yeah, before I forget its that brown flowery background one with the cream color main area.

Well the author doesn’t lie. He really does blog about almost everything. His posts are very long and detailed which I would normally be all for. However I found the posts to be quiet boring. The posts read very monotone like, almost as if Al Gore was writing this blog (please don’t let the author be Al Gore and let Tony be the author’s real name).

After reading through over half of the posts, I realized that this author could not be from the US and was probably from Europe. Little things like colour instead of color tipped me off, and then it made sense for how well written this author is. He definitely had a more strict/formal education than I have and it shows. I was finally happy that I was able to figure something out about this blog.

Overall I don’t know if I could recommend this blog. If you like a blog that has a lot of content, then this might be for you. For me though it just was not catching enough to keep me entertained. The best comparison I have is that this is like that foreign movie that some of us like, and some of us don’t.

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