Review 3148

The Beauty Addict Blog – not exactly my cup of tea, but sometimes blogs that aren’t down my alley end up being the best ones to review. They lead me to open my eyes and give new things a chance. I was hoping for that as I opened up The Beauty Addict Blog, but my hopes were quickly dashed as I started to read this “daily fix of news, reviews, and more”.

The leopard print background, while a nice color for interior of Tarzan’s car, doesn’t really do a lot for the site visually. Perhaps it’s something that’s incredibly popular in the fashion industry, but the colors the owner of this site uses become distracting when seen against this pattern. Thankfully, the entries show black text on a white background – a classic combination that never goes out of style.

November 30th is the first post on The Beauty Addict Blog, beginning with a post on shopping at H&M and explaining a few of the ins and outs of the clothing designer that sell their clothes there. Other review-type entries follow on almost a daily basis, ranging on topics from lip gloss to reality TV and from aerobic striptease DVDs to the resurgence of black on the runway.

The typical post is only about a paragraph long and doesn’t contain that much information. People following the fashion or makeup industry may recognize some of the names and brands that are mentioned, but for a neophyte to this topic, I found myself becoming lost as soon as proper nouns started to pop up.

There are a handful of different authors that post on a consistent basis, and each of their writing styles all seem to flow somewhat similarly. It’s clearly a site where the appropriate research has been done and the amount of knowledge the writers have is well explained. It’s just not a site for someone that doesn’t have the appropriate background information and/or interest in the world of a beauty addict.

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